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Resource Center: Why You Should

"Vote NO on 4"

Here are some ways you can gather information, share it with others and become an informed opponent of Amendment 4.  The more voters learn about Amendment 4, the more they oppose it.  So what do you need? We probably have it here.  And if we don’t, please contact us with your question.

  • Key Messages: Download and share our half-page campaign document to voters, friends and colleagues
  • Talking Points: There are dozens of reasons to oppose Amendment 4.  These are the Top 5





  • The Special Interests Backing Amendment 4:   Learn more, and tell others, about who is behind this drastic amendment.


  • Amendment 4 Backgrounder:  New to the issue?  Learn more about the devastating impacts of this amendment.  



  • Letter to the Editor: I want to share my thoughts about why I am opposed to Amendment 4 in my local newspaper.  


  • Community Signs and Materials:  I would like to share official community signs for my window, storefront, business, office, cubicle or home.  8.5 by 11, 11 by 17 or 24 by 36.