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What is Amendment 4?  It’s bad news for Florida's economy.

Amendment 4 was written by special interest lawyers, for special interest lawyers.  If passed, top economists report that it will put more than 250,000 Floridians out of work while costing taxpayers more than $1 billion. 

Here’s why:

1---It is a Proven Failure.  In 2006, the small Florida town of St. Pete Beach adopted a local version of Amendment 4.  Since then, the town has seen higher property taxes, fewer jobs and endless litigation. When the voters of St. Pete Beach tried to improve their town’s failing economy at the ballot box, some of the same special interest lawyers who wrote Amendment 4 took the taxpayers to court.  Now, nonstop lawsuits in St. Pete Beach have paralyzed the town’s economy and cost local taxpayers nearly $1 million. That’s one of the top reasons that every Editorial Board to weigh into the debate has opposed Amendment 4 (22 out of 22).

2—Amendment 4 Means Fewer Jobs: Amendment 4 will drive Florida’s record-high jobless rate even higher.  A study by The Washington Economics Group reveals that Amendment 4 will cost Florida more than 267,000 jobs and take more than $12 billion out of the pockets of Florida’s working families.    

3---Amendment 4 Will Raise Taxes:  The nonpartisan, nonprofit Florida TaxWatch reports that Amendment 4 would have “devastating, lasting effects on Florida’s economy.”  According to TaxWatch, Amendment 4 could cost Florida taxpayers more than $1 billion in litigation costs.  While Amendment 4 might be a “stimulus package” for the special interest lawyers who wrote it, top economists, Florida’s Editorial Boards, both candidates for Governor, and an historic coalition of business, labor and civic groups all agree: Amendment 4 would be a job-killer for working Floridians.